10 Fascinating Enclaves from Around the World

10 Fascinating Enclaves from Around the World

There are some countries in the world which are located in other countries and completely surrounds the border of other countries. There are amazing historical events behind this geographical situation.

Mlylh and Kyoto, Spain:

Mlylh and Kyotoa Spain’s two autonomous cities. Residents who live in these two cities have the citizenship of Spain. It is interesting that both the city located on the Mediterranean Sea are found in Morocco. Spain and Morocco are located opposite each other on either side of the Mediterranean. Both cities are also known as the Spanish Africa. Kyoto City covers eight square kilometers and a population of eighty thousand six hundred sixty-eight in January, the city is in control of Spain. It extends to connect the city Mlylh covering twelve square kilometers with population around 78 thousand. Both cities were declared as sovereign cities by Spain in 1995. Both cities have a large number of Muslims. The Spain’s government has set a three-meter high barbed wire fence on the border of these two cities.

Mlylh and Kyoto

Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia:

Kaliningrad Province (Oblast) is an administrative part of Russia but the geographic boundaries of the province are separate from Russia. It has Poland in the south, Lithonia in the east and north, and the Baltic Sea in west. Historically, it was the region of the eastern part of the kingdom of Prussia that died in 1945 and Germany ruled here. In World War II it was occupied by the Soviet Union and after the breakup of the Soviet Union it became part of Russia. With a population of almost nine million forty thousand majority in the province’s is Russian-speaking. The province has an area of fifteen thousand square kilometers. Kaliningrad is a faster economic development of Russia’s province.

Kaliningrad Oblast. Russia

Gibraltar, United Kingdom:

Gibraltar, which is also known by the name of Jibl-ul Tariq is the defensive nature of Britain’s Overseas area. It covers an area of 6.8 square kilometers, has a population of 35,000 and in the United Kingdom’s jurisdiction since 1713. Spain claims sovereignty over this area is also the reason why the region due to long dispute between Britain and Spain.

Gibraltar. United Kingdom

Point Roberts, Washington. United States:

Point Roberts has the abundance of waterfalls and natural landscapes that attracts the large number of tourists throughout the year. Point Roberts area as part of the US state of Washington is a town Watt. It covers 12.65 square kilometers of the city’s population is a only thirteen hundred people. Due to the city’s low population it has only a primary school. The students of Secondary school students daily travel 45 minute in bus through Canada to the Washington border area for study. In the same way Point Roberts dont have facilities of hospital, dentist, medicine store, etc.

Point Roberts, Washington. United States

Cabinda, Angola:

Cabinda contains is the Province of Angola with three million population and located in south of the Africa and completely separate from Angola. Neighboring countries declared the dispute of its ownership, but globally it is still considered part of Angola. Cabinda is full of petrol and other mineral resources.

Cabinda, Angola

Vatican City State, Italy:

In terms of area and population, Vatican City State is the world’s smallest country and located in Rome. The sovereign state’s population is just 840 and it covers the area of 0.44 square kilometers. Beautiful statues, fountains and decorated with colorful flowers, this city is surrounded by the side walls.

Vatican City State. Italy

San Marino, Italy:

San Marino is a mason’s habitate land having the sovereign state status of Italy. The location of the land of San Marino is surrounded by the territory of Italy. Locals claim it is the world’s oldest living democracy. It covers 61 square kilometers, the world’s third smallest state, which is regarded as almost the population consists of 32 thousand.

San Marino. Italy

Lesotho, South Africa:

In the vicinity of South Africa as the country is called the Kingdom of Lesotho. Here is a constitutional monarchy on the area of thirty thousand square kilometers with population of two million. In October, 1964 people of Lesotho gained independence from Britain. It is the only country in the world that fully a thousand meters above sea level.

Lesotho. South Africa

S.D Seuss, Spain:

This village is located in Spain’s central mountain range. Its difficult ton enter the village due to Mountains and valleys and the only way out is another small neighboring country Andorra. The population of the village is 100 people and it is located on seven thousand feet above the sea level. The oldest historic buildings in the village are of interest for tourists.

S.D Seuss. Spain

Jang Holz and Klenol Sirtal, Austria:

These days the area include the Austria district boundaries.  Due to dangerous mountain ranges and lack of means of transport the only way to enter this area is through Germany. Its population consists on 5 thousand people. This region is rich in natural beauty, where crowds of tourists remain throughout the year.

Jang Holz and Klenol Sirtal. Austria


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