10 Most Visited Cities in The World during 2015

10 Most Visited Cities in The World during 2015

The most tourists love to go to world’s most attractive locations. The MasterCard has released a list of tourist’s favorite cities in 2015.

10. Hong Kong:

The Hong Kong city of China is on tenth number in the list of world’s most popular cities for tourism. 8.66 million international tourists visit the city every year.

Hong Kong

09. Seoul:

Seoul the city of South Korea is on the ninth number and famous throughout the world’s tourists for its numerous attractive places. The number of international tourists who come here annually is 10.35 million.


08. kulalmpur:

kulalmpur the city of Malaysia is ranked eighth and also a highly attractive destination for international tourists. The number of international tourists who come here every year is 11.12 million.


07. Singapore:

Singapore is ranked as 7th most visited city. The annual number of visitors are 11.88 million.


06. New York City:

The world’s sixth favorite city is America’s New York City. the number of international tourists every year is 12.27 million.

New York City

05. Istanbul:

Turkey’s Istanbul is also tourists favorite destination and ranked on fifth number. Every year the number of tourists visiting the city is 12.56 million.


04. Dubai:

The tourists favorite city Dubai’s is fourth most visited city where 14.26 million international tourists go every year.


03. Paris:

Paris the capital of France is famous due to the Eiffel Tower. It is also the world’s third favorite city. Every year the number of tourists coming to visit this city is 16.06 million.


02. Bangkok:

Bangkok the city of Thailand is the world’s second most preferred city for tourism. The number of international tourists who come here annually is 18.24 million.


01. London:

London the city of United Kingdom is ranked on number one most visited city in the world and most favorite city among tourists. According to MasterCard 18.82 million International tourists go to London each year.


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