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7 Shocking Facts About Monaco

The sea, sports cars, luxury ships and palm trees, these are the things you hear talking about “Monaco”. You can call Monaco the richest and most famous paradise. Monaco is a small but very prosperous country. But there are also some interesting and shocking facts about this country.

7 Shocking Facts About Monaco

No visa required
Monaco is an autonomous state and microstate on the French Riviera, close to the Italian region of Liguria. Monaco is one of the few countries bordering only one country, and France shares a border with Monaco.
The second smallest country
Monaco is the second smallest country in the world in terms of area, while the first is the Vatican City. Monaco is spread over an area of ​​only 0.81 square miles, meaning you can walk around the country if you want. It is also a densely populated autonomous state.

Everyone is rich
Monaco has the highest GDP in the world and the lowest poverty rate in the world – the unemployment rate is only 2% and 48,000 workers come here daily from France and Italy. Most millionaires and billionaires are found here.
Citizenship is not easy
Citizenship is not granted to anyone by birth or to a citizen of this country. It is an honor to be a citizen of Monaco, but it is up to the king to decide. Who should be given a passport of this country and who should not-

7 Shocking Facts About Monaco

Personal bank account
It is important for Monaco residents to have their own personal bank account, which requires a large sum of money to open an account – but before opening an account the staff will thoroughly check your sources of income – not without an account. So you can rent an apartment or buy a SIM card.

Dress code
There are also considerable restrictions on clothing in this country – for example, you will wear a swimming suit on the beach or walk around without a shirt – and you will not be allowed to walk on the beach wearing shoes or face a fine. Also, you can’t go to public places wearing shorts.

Personal residence
Monaco children are entitled to their own residence when they turn 18 – but they have to apply to the government to get the house, which they have to wait several years to implement.

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