Amazing Unexplored Locations in the World

Wherever a person goes, he leaves his mark – whether it is a part of the earth or a depth of the sea – but there are still some places on our planet that have been touched by relatively few humans. That is to say, it is equal to the absence of human beings going to these places and the reason for this is the desolation or anti-human weather here.

1. Faroe Islands:

Faroe Islands

Consisting on 18 islands, this place is located in Denmark between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic.

2. Jujuy Province:

Jujuy Province

This region of Argentina is located on the border of Chile and Bolivia and is a plain area. The peaks here are up to 5,000 meters high. The climate of this place is hot and very dry.

3. Dallol:


Located in Ethiopia, it is thought to be possibly the warmest region in the world – the strange color of the place is due to the clay, salt, iron and moss found here. The mixture of which produces this color.

4. Namibia:


South Africa is one of the least densely populated countries in the world. And its Namib Desert is a place where one-fourth of the world’s leopards are found.

5. Galápagos Islands:

Galápagos Islands

Ecuador’s islands are extremely popular with special breeds of animals – including sea lizards, giant turtles, penguins and whales.

6. Gangkhar Puensum:

Gangkhar Puensum

It is the highest mountain in Bhutan at 7,570 meters and is probably the highest mountain in the world that no one has ever climbed.

7. Bohol:


This is a region of the Philippines that is famous for its chocolate mountains – these are 1260 specific mountains about which scientists have not yet been able to figure out how they finally came into being.

8. Skeleton Coast:

Skeleton Coast

It is also a place in Namibia where not many people have passed. Due to the harsh conditions here, Portuguese sailors call it the gate of hell.

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