Aqaba is best city for tourism


Aqaba is one of the oldest cities of the country for tourism. It is considered as window of red sea. It is located on the Israel boarder. Due to the political tension between Israel and Jordon, plans of sharing air port in the city has been postponed due to political and security reason. The local political situation is peaceful but much cold blood with Israel sometime makes it uncertain city. Moreover the weather is also hot and humid, in the summer season the weather remains dry and humid. In winter weather is mild and cold.



Places of attraction

There are a lot of places that can attract the attention of tourist. Following is the list of places where you can go and enjoy your time in city of Aqaba.

  • Aqaba fort
  • Ayla
  • Christian church
  • Aqaba Heritage museum
  • Zara Spa
  • Aqaba Scuba diving center
  • Divers Village
  • Red Sea Dive Center
  • Roman church

For the adventure seekers, the scuba diving center is the most attractive place in the city. They are offering amazing experience of diving in the red sea. In this center they not only provide opportunity to people but also giving training to the people who are new to this adventure. On the other hand heritage museum of the city offer something very unique to the tourist. In this museum you can see different collection of historical items and some images of Jordan’s tradition and culture.



There are many ways that a person can reach the city. Being a port city, you can also use sea ways to enter the city. But from the tourist point of view, it I vital that you must select that route that is suitable and easy for you. It is suggested that tourist must try to come via airways. Cheap flights to Aqaba can make your journey more memorable. All you need is to go through the website of flighthub to get cheap flights to Aqaba. Hotels in Aqaba are offering quality services to ensure better stay in the city.

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