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Unique Floating Markets in South East Asia

Unique Floating Markets in South East Asia Floating markets are markets where various commodities are sold on flowing water actually put on the boats. These unique markets are becoming the focus of attention in the South East Asian countries. Thai Land, Indonesia and Vietnam are among the countries. Mainly these unique and novel …

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The stunning views of Pakistani Rivers

Elegant stylish look of Shivik River

The stunning views of Pakistani Rivers Pakistan is also called the land of rivers because nature has a rich blessing for our country. These rivers fullfil the humanitarian needs of the people and are also a source of entertainment. A beautiful sunset view of the river Jhelum:  It is the largest …

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The World’s Highest Mountains

The World’s Highest Mountains Our planet is full of attractive and impressive locations with beautiful sights including rivers, waterfalls and mountains. Here are few mountains declared the highest mountains in the world. These are also very dangerous and difficult to climb. Mount Everest: Mount Everest is located in the Himalayan …

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