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Atyrau transcontinental city

Atyrau is transcontinental city in Kazakhstan. It is famous for its fish and oil industries. Third biggest oil refinery in Kazakhstan is located in Atyrau. It is located at the Ural River. The climatic condition is somewhat

Aqaba is best city for tourism

  Aqaba is one of the oldest cities of the country for tourism. It is considered as window of red sea. It is located on the Israel boarder. Due to the political tension between Israel and Jordon,

Amman is best city for tourist

Amman is one of the biggest cities of the country. It is the capital city of Jordan and it is considered as the financial and economical hub of the country. It has population over two million. Amazingly

World’s most expensive countries for tourism

World’s most expensive countries for tourism Generally tourists choose a  countries for trip which are  beautiful and interesting, but not expensive. World Economic Forum has classified the world’s most expensive countries for Tourism. Total 141 countries is included in the list Rating

Beirut a tourist’s dream destination in Arab World

Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon. It has population over two million. As we all know that Lebanon is the small country on the land and it has only few recognize city and Beirut is among

Paris is tourist’s dreamland

Paris Welcomes the Nature Paris is the city of lights and is damn attractive place for the tourists. The natural beauty of Paris, the art of realists, the scenes of nature and the eatables of restaurants are