Chennai is among the leading cities in India. It is among fastest growing cities of the world. The old name of the city was Madras. The population of the city is about 7.45 million. It is located in Southern end of Tamilnadu. The climatic condition of the city is very much hot and humid. The season remains hot in summer and while in winter the season remains mildest during the month of December and January. The main source of water for irrigation is monsoon rain. The Tamil Nadu government is taking right steps to make it more attractive for the tourist.

Attractions in city

There are a lot of places in the city that can attract the attentions of the people from all over the world. It has been said that this city has been attractive for the people related to medical field. There are many places where you can go and make your journey an interesting and memorable one.

  • Marina beach
  • Edward beach
  • Covelong
  • Breezy beach
  • Mary’s Church
  • Thomas Mount
  • Wallajah Mosque
  • The Parthasarathy temple
  • Karaneeswarar temple
  • Sri Rama Krishna temple
  • Fort St. George
  • Government museum
  • National park
  • Snake park


Other than that there is a lot of attraction in the city of Chennai. There have been many entertainment points that can bring you top quality entertainment. Shopping malls are there to provide you quality products. The city is famous for culture, dance and entertainment point of view. There have been many musical concerts that one could attend in different auditorium of the city. Many academies are serving in the city that teaches music and dance.  Barhma Saba, VDS academy, Kalalayaa academy and the music academy are among the top institutes in they city.


There have been many ways to come to this city. Cheap flight to Chennai is among the best way to visit the city.  There have been many hotels in Chennai that can provide food, car rental and room accommodation on affordable rates. You can ask for car rental in order to move swiftly.

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