Faisalabad is an Industrial city of Pakistan

Faisalabad is among the top cities in the world and formerly it was known as Lyallpur. This city has been regarded as Manchester of Pakistan. The climatic of the city is very good, in summer weather is hot and humid but in winter it is freezing cold. The political condition of the city is very peaceful and all parties want to make this industrial city to next level of success. The local language of the city is Punjabi.

Places of attractions

  • Sunni rizvi Masjid
  • Gumit water fountain
  • Ghanta Ghar
  • Iqbal stadium
  • University of Agriculture
  • D-ground market
  • State life building
  • Medical college Faisalabad
  • faslabad 2v

The Manchester of Pakistan is well known for industrial and agriculture products. The most famous area of the city is ghanta ghar of the city. From this ghanta ghar, there are eight separate market connected to this ghanta ghar. This was built in way back during the era of British Empire. These eight bazaars are famous for several reasons. The most famous reason is the quality of fabric they are selling to the customers. The city base fabric is of top quality and they export the fabric to UK and USA.

The other attraction includes Sindhbad Park and university of agriculture, the university in the city is regarded as the biggest university in south Asia. This university is specialized in agriculture and other related educational program.


There are three different ways that you can connect to the city. The airways, railways and the road system connect the city to other part of the country. The best and the easiest way for the foreign tourist is to come to city by airways. Cheap flight tickets to Faisalabad is easily available; all you need to get the ticket through the flighthub official website. The cheap flight tickets to fasialabad help you to save some money and it will help you to enjoy your journey a lot. The hotels in Faisalabad are offering top services to the clients as they are affordable and economical. Good luck.


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