Most Craziest Cities on the Edge

Most Craziest Cities on the Edge

Usually people prefer to reside in a place where human access to each and every place possible. But there are few cities in the world that living on the edge of the lofty and dangerous rocks. These cities, transportation is not difficult, but is also not easy due to its height.


It is a city of Greece whose name means “in the middle of the sky”. Like the name of the town is on the edge of high cliffs, which are included in the 6 Greek monasteries. These monasteries are still serving and a large number of tourists come to see them.



This city of Spain is settled on the edge of a deep ravine, the city was inhabited by the Romans and currently there is a population of 35 thousand people. This city is home to Spain’s oldest buildings.


Castellfollit De La Roca:

This city of Spain is one of the city’s where people prefer to settle on the edge of the rocks. This city is located in the northeastern part of Spain and photographers consider it an excellent location for the photography.

Castellfollit De La Roca


In this city of France residents not only live on the edge of the high cliff but also on the beach. The sea water is gradually damaging the rocks, and perhaps soon the city may not maintain its existence.



This is a small town in Italy is settled on the edge of the tufa rocks. There are 4 thousand people living in this town, whose population is majority of Jews.



This beautiful and small town is also located in Italy on the edge of rocks. A large number of tourists visiting here for the daily work is fascinating sights. This town is very popular because of its local beer called Sciacchetra.


Socotra Island:

On the island of Yemen people are not the only living on the edge of a dangerous cliff, but it is also found wildlife. The tourist who do visit here shows that they are moved to another planet.

Socotra Island


This thine Island of Greece is one of the most popular location for tourism. The most buildings are located on the edge of the rocks where the sea sight is very beautiful.



This point of France is located on the ravine where the river Dordogne is flowing at the bottom. This place is so high that looking down may afraid you.


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