Paris is tourist’s dreamland

Paris Welcomes the Nature

Paris is the city of lights and is damn attractive place for the tourists. The natural beauty of Paris, the art of realists, the scenes of nature and the eatables of restaurants are waiting for your footsteps in the city of love and lights. The city is located in West of Europe, the North of France. The whole France is just the city of Paris.

There are some wonderful and beautiful places that have extraordinary attraction for tourist in the world. Paris enjoys the top rank in all those places.  


Paris is tourist's dreamland

‘’A thing of beauty is joy forever’’ is truly observed in Paris. All the superlatives of beauty and attraction lie in the nature of Paris. The Nature of Wordsworth and the Beauty of Keats can be keenly experienced in Paris. The attractive places like Eiffel Tower; the historic places like cathedrals; the entertaining places like cinemas add much more to the beauty of Paris.

Entry in Paris:

Paris has wide range of roads having base at central cathedral. The wide roads allow you enjoy the side by side places of roads in a glance. The waste networks of roads include metro services that offer luxurious travel in the city.

In addition to this, the fast train services make you go anywhere in the country in short period of time. France has one of the most updated networks of trains.

Moreover, the airplane services are also offered to tourists in the country.   

Paris is tourist's dreamland


The historical beauty of Paris is found in the art of museums of Paris. There is a huge variety of museum in Paris like The Louvre, The Musee d’Orsay, MuseeOrdeen etc. The most famous art of the world Mona Lisa in kept in The Louvre museum. In these museums one can find the huge collection of art depicting historical importance of Paris.

The road to the museums is not that easy. One has to stay in queue for several hours. If you want to avoid this disturbance, buy a pass card available at tourists guide places.The art includes Egyptian mummies and Classical Bronzes from over the world.

Historical Attractions

Paris has numerous collections of historical places. The history lovers can quench their thirst in Paris. The city welcomes all those who are in deep love of history. The beautiful river Ape, historical monuments, old cathedral and palaces all are the historical attraction of Paris

Eating out

Tours with real good diet add beauty to the enjoyment of the tour. A large number of tourists enjoy the eatables of Paris and pay great attributes to all of them. Some of the most famous places for eatables include Italian restaurants and Vietnamese restaurants. Moreover, pizzerias give tourists more than their hunger.

Thus, Paris is great place to enjoy a tour in its real sense. If you are planning for a really enjoyable moment, Paris welcomes you.

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