San Miguel is the third biggest city in El Salvador and most attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. It is third most populated city of the country as the total population of the city is about 218500 according to the census conducted in 2007. It is located about 140 KM away from the capital city. The city is famous for textile, agriculture and Chemical industries. This city is contributing a lot to the GDP of the country. The local and private educational schools are providing quality educational services to the people living in this part of the country. There is a peace and harmony in the city when it comes to politics; every party is playing its role to make this city and progressive city. The weather condition in this part of the country is warm and hot. The rainfall is good but the overall weather remains hot and warm. The famous captain of old times Captain Gerardo Barrios was born in this city.

Places of attraction

There are a lot of places where you can go and enjoy your time. Following is the list of places where you can find fun and joy.

  • El Cuco
  • Playa El Esteron
  • Intipuca beach
  • Downtown San Miquel
  • Playa Las Flores

San Miguel city2

The city is famous for its beautiful beaches; you can go and enjoy your time in beach. Surfing, Boating and other fun activities can be done on the beaches of the city. You can also see the natural beauty by witnessing the sunset in this beautiful island.

The people like to play and watch football. The people of city and fully behind their local football club and they support them every weekend during the match.


There are many ways that connects city with other parts of the country. Airways are the best way to come to the city because it makes your journey more smooth and easy. Cheap flights to San Miguel can save you a lot of money. Cheap flights to San Miguel can be available at official website of FlightsHub. Good Luck.