Strange Facts of World’s International Airports

Strange Facts of World’s  International Airports

When your flight is delayed for any reason, then you have an excellent chance that you can take a look and observe the Airport. Every airport in the world is definitely owns a surprising features.

Thailand’s New Bangkok International Airport:

Thailand’s New Bangkok International Airport own the world’s tallest control tower and the height of this tower is 434 feet.

Thailand's New Bangkok International Airport

Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd International Airport:

Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd International Airport is spread over 1 lakh 92 thousand acres of land. There are many small countries of this size in the world.

Saudi Arabia's King Fahd International Airport

Airport of Saba Island:

The world’s shortest airport is located on Saba island. The airport runway is only 1,299 feet long that is extremely small for commercial aircraft.

Airport of Saba Island

Los Angeles LAX Airport:

The addition of alphabet “X” as the abbreviation of the name of the airport in that it should recognize that it is an acronym for the name of the airport. For example, LAX is an acronym Los Angeles Airport.

Los Angeles LAX Airport

Hong Kong International Airport:

Boring at the airport? Not possible at Hong Kong’s international airport. There is a golf course to entertain the passengers where they can engage in the game, and spend some time.

Hong Kong International Airport

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport:

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, in fact, a high variety of Dutch painter’s home with wonderful artworks. The paintings displayed at the airport of Amsterdam, were obtained from the Rijks Museum.

Amsterdam's Schiphol airport

Sao Paulo airport:

It will surprise you to know that there are dentist clinics available at Sao Paulo airport. They offer different types of services to passengers like cleaning and sparkling of teeths etc.

Sao Paulo airport

Nashville International Airports:

The people of Western countries some times somewhat drunk in order to avoid the fear of traveling on sea way. However, Nashville International airports allow passengers to keep vine with them that they can drink during travel.

Nashville International airports

Colorado Spring Airport:

Thare are some boxes  installed at Colorado Spring airport where passengers can throw their unused drugs or medications items before boarding.

Colorado Spring Airport

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