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The World’s Most Famous Cities

The World’s Most Famous Cities

Every city in the world, is definitely famous due to a reason. Here is the list of top 10 cities and the reason of their fame.


This is the oldest city of Europe has become the world’s important city. Most of the sessions and meetings take place here. Copenhagen has become a world’s economic center and recognized as “city of merchants”.



This is the most populous city of the United States. Its sampling is one of modern architecture. It is known as the “City of Winds due to skyscraper buildings in the city.



The second largest city in the state of Pennsylvania is also known as the City of Steel. The Steel factories were planted here in the eighteenth century that become the reason of its fame.



Pakistan’s largest and the world’s twentieth largest city, Karachi is known as the “city of lights. The beautiful view of the city lights at night is the reason of its fame.



This is the city of Bangladesh and known as the “city of mosques”. It has the largest numbers of mosques as compare to other cities of the world.



This Golden city is known as the “heart of Europe”. The North Sea, Adriatic Sea and the ballistic sea are located at the same distance.



The Capital of France is known as the “City of Love”. There are lots of romantic places for love birds and this is the reason of its fame.



LONDON is also known by the name of “Square Mile”. The official area of this city is little more than a mile. However, In the last few years, the city is spread over many miles.



Portugal’s capital, Lisbon is known as the “White City”. The reason of its fame is Clean Lights. These lights installed throughout the city, which are supported by numerous mirrors direct the sun’s rays fall.



The city of the US state of California known as the “City of Eggs”. The several decades ago, a plant was installed here to produce eggs. Eggs and poultry business was booming here that become the reason of its fame.


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