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The World’s Most Populous Island

The World’s Most Populous Island

The world’s most populous island is located at the distance of two hours from the coast of Cartagena (the area of Colombia). This Island is known as Santa Cruz del Islote.

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The island has a population of 1,200, while the island’s surface area is 2.4 acres. This island was discovered 150 years ago by a group of fishermen. There is no Mosquito on this island that convinced fishermen to immediately set up their camp and adopt housing. There are 90 homes, a restaurant, 2 stores and a school is set up on this island. However, due to lack of space, most structures are standing on the water.

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On the island there is no high-rise building and the residents build their own buildings by themselves. Only a small part of the island has been left blank, which is used as yard or porch.

A solo electric generator support is provided to the island. The Colombian Navy supply clean water to the island on every third week. The island’s only facility is provided by the state that is a security guard posted at the school of 80 students on island.

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Despite the lack of primary facilities, the island’s economy is based on tourism. The residents offer boating, fishing and swimming experiences to the tourists.

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Moreover, the people of island also supplies the fish to close Restaurants. People are very happy with their life, they have no fear of theft and violence.

66-year-old Juvenal Julio is the son of one of fishermen who discovered this island. He said life is very calm and interesting on this island. We all know each other and we have fun every day and are living a full life.

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