Unique Amazing Buildings made by Glass

Unique Amazing Buildings made by Glass

You often see around some beautiful buildings which are not only unique and attractive from outside but also extremely high renovated internally. There are some buildings which are made of glass and known throughout the world due to its unique material and style.

The Botanical Garden:

This beautiful building made of glass in the middle of the 19th century, inspired by London’s Crystal Palace headed to construction. Botanical Garden was inaugurated in 1991. This building is a greenhouse effect that is located in downtown Curitiba. This building is spread over an area of 450 square meters in the center of the city and is the tourist attraction. The building is designed with glass and metal around the waterfall and fountains are installed.

The Botanical Garden

Kanagawa Institute of Technology:

This charming building located in Tokyo is a highly transparent Institute. The building is designed by Junya Ishigami. It contains a living room area of the building is 2000 square meters. The building is designed with only glass and white steel. The glass of different size and different style is installed in this building.

Kanagawa Institute of Technology

The Farnsworth House:

Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed home is located in the plano has been built hover near Fox River. This is oldest building in the list of buildings made of glass. It contains one room and was completed in 1951. The building was designed for Dr. Edith Farnsworth, and it has been turned into a museum.


The Farnsworth House

Basque Health Department Headquarters:

This 13-story building is the Basque Health Department Headquarters located in Spain. This building is one of Spain’s true identity and it is designed by Coll-Barreu.

Basque Health Department Headquarters

Hotel W:

Spanish cities are known because of their sophisticated buildings. W Hotels is one of those buildings-this beautiful building was built in 2009 and designed by Ricardo Bofill -In. This is a five star hotel that is constructed with glass. The natural light makes it more beautiful.

Hotel W

Netherlands Institute:

This colorful building Located in the city of Hilversum Netherlands is one of the most unique construction in the world. The of the Netherlands Institute 4 for Sound and Vision, have been designed by Willem Jan Neutelings and Michiel Riedijk. 10-storey building is half underground. The night view of the building is extremely attractive.

Netherlands Institute

Louvre Pyramid:

The pyramid style constructed building with glass faced severe criticism on the inauguration. Architects often believed that it is a blemish on the name of beauty. But this is the world’s most famous buildings made of glass. This building was Built in 1989. The building was designed by architect IM Pei.

Louvre Pyramid

30 St Mary Axe:

LONDON located this tallest building was designed by Norman Foster and its construction was completed in 2003. Most part of this building is made of thick glass. 41-storey building won RIBA Stirling Prize won in 2004.

30 St Mary Axe

Dancing House:

This building was built in 1996 Paraguay near Ualtaua River. This building is an example of modern architecture. The Building has won the prize for best design of the Year by Time magazine in 1996. The building, designed by architect Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić -In.

Dancing House

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