World Record Holder Unique Places to Visit

World Record Holder Unique Places to Visit

Guinness present people and places around the world setting amazing and bizarre world records every year in an edition. Following are some places in the Guinness Book, holding wrold record.

The Most Platforms on a Railway Station:

New York’s Grand Central Terminal, a railway station was built between 1913 to 1903 in which there are 44 platforms. According to Guinness Book of World Records, There is an unused secret platform with the 41 tracks on the top and bottom of stairs.

The Most Platforms on a Railway Station

The World’s Most thin Alley:

The world’s most thin street is only 12.2 inches wide. It was built in 1727 in Germany after massive fire in the city.

The World's Most thin Alley

The Coldest Place:

A Serbian village located in Russia is considered the world’s coldest place. During the winter the average temperature is minus 55 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature was recorded in 1933, which was approximately minus 68 Celsius.

The Coldest Place

The Oldest National Park:

US Yellow Stone National Park was the first place granted as National Park in 1872 by the president. Today, the park is home to several  harrowing places but multi-colored pond is remarkable.

The Oldest National Park

The Oldest Amusement Park:

Bakken Park of Denmark is called the Amusement Park which  was opened in 1583. More than a hundred people rides in this park and enjoy other items of interest. The world’s oldest rollers Coaster is remarkable which exist here since 1932.

The Oldest Amusement Park

The World’s Smallest Country:

The Vatican City is a sovereign country and having the title of world’s smallest country, which is spread over an area of 0.17 square miles.

The World's Smallest Country

The Biggest Fortress in the Cave:

This European castle is located in Slovenia, which have been built on the brink of a series of caves.

The Biggest Fortress in the Cave

The Most Active Volcano:

Hawaiian Kilauea is a volcano spewing lava continuously since 1983. This process of continuous lava spewing creates an attraction for tourists.

The Most Active Volcano

The country spend most money on tourism:

China’s record 102 billion dollars in the tourism sector in 2012, while Germany spent 83.8 billion in the same year and 83.5 billion US dollars spent.

The country spend most money on tourism

The Biggest National Park:

The North East Greenland National Park is the biggest national park in the world spread on the area of 3 lac 75 thousand 290 square miles. Hardly anyone in the world who would do claims to see the complete  park.

The Biggest National Park

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