World’s most dangerous market is located on the railway line

The most dangerous market in the world is “Meklong” (sometimes spelled Mae Khlong or Mae klong) which is located on the railway line

World's most dangerous market is located on the railway line Meklong

There is a railway line in Thailand that is marketed. The shopkeepers are busy giving the customer their desired fruits, vegetables, fish when suddenly they know the arrival of the train. Then the view is worth seeing, in a few moments all this stuff is removed from the train tracks and the train is waiting to pass. As soon as the train passes, the market is put back on the railway line as before. In this way, the rush of customers returns as before and people are busy shopping as if nothing has happened.

McLaughlin Train Market is considered to be the most unique market in the world. Here you will easily find colorful fruits and vegetables at fresh and reasonable prices. Chili paste used in Thai dishes is also sold here. At the same time, fresh fish is brought to the market for sale, which customers are seen buying hand in hand.

World's most dangerous market is located on the railway line Meklong

Shopkeepers play music for entertainment, which brings the market closer together. People can hear and see the train horn as well as the music, the sound of the luggage being removed and the movement all at once.

Removal and leveling time:
As soon as the sound of the horn or alarm is heard from afar, the hands of the shopkeepers move at lightning speed, all the people are alerted and are busy removing the goods on the railway line. It only takes five minutes to unload and the train passes. Five minutes later the market is put back and customers are seen standing on the railway tracks again to buy goods and it seems as if nothing has happened, or the train has not passed.

In this market, some people sell goods on the railway track, while some people set up their stalls along the railway line, some people sell goods in baskets, etc., while some people have wheels under the stalls.

World's most dangerous market is located on the railway line Meklong

Do accidents happen?
What are the accidents in McLeong Train Market? The answer is yes. Because of the speed at which the train arrives, people who cannot keep track of the railway track or pay attention to it are not safe from the train passing by at full speed in seconds and get into an accident. In addition, the stalls of some shopkeepers have also been damaged, people who are not able to remove the goods on time, they have to bear the loss of their goods.

World's most dangerous market is located on the railway line Meklong

How to Visit?
Tell those who are going to Thailand that if you want to visit this train market, take a whole day out of Bangkok and come here, because it takes one day to fully tour this market. Try to catch the 8:35 a.m. train from Bangkok’s Wang Wianyai Train Station and reach Mahachai Station. By 9:28 you will reach Mahachai Station, then take the ferry to Ben Lime Train Station. At 10:10 you will get a train from Ben Lyme to McLeong Train Station. You will arrive at McLeong Train Market at 11:10. You have to walk 20 minutes to enter the market. Now for three hours you walk around the market, shop, eat things, three hours later when the train passes here you will be able to see this unique scene, in which the market is removed from the railway line in minutes and re-installed. The train will arrive at 2:30, so if you want to go back you can walk around the market. At 4:30 you will reach Ben Lyme, from where you will have to take a ferry to reach Mahachai station. At 5:30 the train arrives at Mahachai Station which will take you to Bangkok’s Wang Wian Yai Station by 6:30, so you can easily return to Bangkok after a unique journey to the Meklong Train Market.

By the way, despite the occasional fatal and financial accidents, the McLaughlin Train Market is still regularly set up on the railway tracks, you can also see the pictures of this unique and dangerous train market.

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