Yerevan; Armenia a Top Tourist Destination


Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia. It is the largest city of the country where more than a million people lives. It was under the control of Soviet Union but after getting independence it has gone through massive changes and modifications. The city is peaceful and all political parties want to contribute in a positive way to develop the city. The climate is very pleasant. Weather remains hot in the summer season and in the winter season the weather remain cold and cool. There no humidity in the city.

Yerevan; Armenia a Top Tourist Destination

Places of attraction

There are a lot of places in the city that attracts the attention of tourists to visit the city. Following is the list of top places.

  • Erebuni Fortress
  • Republic Square
  • Nortern Avenue
  • Abovian Street
  • The Opera
  • Freedom square
  • Cascade and cafejian museum
  • Mashtots Avenue
  • Blue Mosque
  • Main Railway station
  • Victory park
  • Lovers park
  • Children park
  • The Singing Fountains
  • Parajanov Museum
  • Saryan Museum
  • The National Art Gallery
  • Modern Art Museum
  • The city museum
  • St Sargis Vicarial Church

Many more…

Mashtots is the high way in the city, it is located in the center of the city and it is eight lane highways. There is a lot of heavy traffic on this avenue therefore it remains noisy throughout the year. The opera is located near this highway so the opera is considered as one of the top destination for the local people.

Blue mosque is another place where you can go and see the beauty. It is constructed in the 18th century and it is related to Shia Islamic religion. It is among the few building that remains in its original shape after the independent from Soviet Union.

Yerevan; Armenia a Top Tourist Destination


There are three ways that connects city to other parts of the country. From tourist point of view, airways are always a better choice to reach the destination. Cheap flights to Yerevan are best option that a tourist can exercise. For sure you will love to get cheap flight to Yerevan by going through the official website of flights hub.

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