Orel is also called as “Uralsk” in Russian and it was previously popular as Yaitsk.It is best destination for tourists from all over the world. It is a northwestern city in Kazakhstan near the Russian border.  Geographically, Oral lies in the west of River Ural so most of the time, visitors regard it as a European city.  The climatic condition of city is something different. It has long winters and in summer the weather remains hot and humid which are favorite seasons for tourits.

Places of attraction in Orel

First of all, if you are a sports enthusiast then you should visit the Atoyan stadium to meet up with the energetic players of Kazakhstani football club. Moreover, you can also enjoy the game of Bandy. Other than sports, you can have historical outlook in this city. There are many oldest buildings including:

  • Mikhailo Archangelsky church,
  • Church of Christ,
  • Cossack Chieftain and preserved history in museums.


Orel as known to you, is also the capital of West Kazakhstan Oblast. So, if you are residing in the sister cities such as Ostrava, Czech Republic, Romania, Ploiesti or Rostov-on-Don then you can even visit Orel through road transport. But the most recommended way is to travel through airline. You can even save your travelling expenditure by booking cheap flights to Orel. There are many online companies that can help you avail the cheap tickets to Orel.

How to get Airline tickets to Orel?

You can book your holidays in Orel through any travelling agent. These agents are well qualified to assist you and make your tour memorable. It is not even difficult to know about the budget compatible airfare to Orel. You can approach online services to have a list of all available cheap flights to Orel. After then you just have to compare the quoted rates against your budget and get ready for travelling to Orel. In short cheap flights to Orel via website are the best way to deal.

Hotels in Orel

There are many hotels in Orel with great packages. You can enjoy affordable accommodation at Hotel Pushkin, Chagala Hotel Uralsk and other. So, enjoy the trip and stockpile your memories.

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