Atyrau transcontinental city

Atyrau is transcontinental city in Kazakhstan. It is famous for its fish and oil industries. Third biggest oil refinery in Kazakhstan is located in Atyrau. It is located at the Ural River. The climatic condition is somewhat strange in this city. The winter is too cold in the city but summers are hot. The lowest temperature recorded in city was -37.9 in the city and the highest was 42 in summers. The city is provincial capital and is considered as hub for oil and fish industries. The city is 20 meter below the sea level and it is considered in both Asia and Europe as city is divided in two parts by the Ural River.

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Attractive sites in Atyrau:

There are various attractive sites in Atyrau city those inspires the visitors to visit this stunning city.

  • Atyrau city theater
  • Atyrau city monuments
  • Atyrau city church
  • Atyrau city Mosque
  • Atyrau city oil Refinery
  • Art museum and many more places

Beside its famous industries it also serves as major tourist destination in Kazakhstan. Most of people from Asia and Europe travel to Atyrau to appreciate the beauty and attractive sites of this city. There are different ways to visit this city such as by bus, train or airline. Some people think that airline is an expensive way of travelling, but it is not true at all. Due to great number of airline companies and much competition among them, most of companies offer an attractive discount on various major airlines. When you choose cheap flights to Atyrau then you find that it is more easy, reliable and comfortable way to visit this part of Kazakhstan. You just need to search cheap flights to Atyrau in online search engine; you will find the list of some companies offering cheap flights to Atyrau. You need to get online quotes of at least five companies, and then compare them to choose the best and appropriate airfare to Atyrau that suit with your budget and various needs as well.


Atyrau city accommodations:

There are various small as well as large luxury hotels in Atyrau city that provides cheap and affordable accommodations to its visitors. You have an easy access to nearby hotels. They also provide you the facility of online website through which you can acquire information regarding the rates and facilities offers during the stay. You can also book a room in advance through their website.




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