Why to visit Chichicastenango for tourism?

Chichicastenango is the a small town of Gutemala.  It is famous for its beautiful market with colorful items and famous for its tourism places. The town is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and trees. The political situation of the town is good, the parties that have stake in the town are working together for betterment of the town. The population size is less because it is a small town.  There are some events in the town that surly attracts the attention of tourist. The climatic condition of the town is pleasant. Weather remain cold in winter and hot in summer.

Places of attraction

There are some places in the town where you can go and enjoy your time. Following is the list of attractions in the town.

  • Santo thomas festival
  • Toros and Castillos
  • Fabric markets


The colorful market of the town is famous in the country. This town is located 140 km away from the main city of guatemala. You just need to drive two to three hours to reach the town. The firecrackers and the rockets made in home have been famous. The Thomas chruch is very famous and religious event for the local people. it is adviced that foreign tourist must keep dicipline during the event. They must avoid pusing anyone and keep a fair distance between other people. they must use the side doors to enter the chruch during the festival. Tourist must avoid the photography because they fight get a lot of pushes and hickups from the people because a lot of people want to enter the chruch and take part in religious event.


To enter the town, you need to first fly to the main city that is located about 140 KM from the town. Cheap flights to nearest city allow you to get the chance to enjoy the journey in much better way. On the other hand if you want to have cheap flight tickets you need to go through the website of FlightHub. They are offering tickets on affordable rates to the people all over the world.

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