The choloma is considered as one of the main cities in the country and top tourist destination. It is located in Honduras. It is the third biggest city in the country. The name of mayor of the city is Polo Crivelli. There are a lot of factories build in the city and with the emergence of new factories in the city, the city is growing rapidly economically. The main reason behind the industrial city is the availability of cheap labor. The cheap labor help the industrialist to earn more profit that is why most of the factories are located in this city. The weather condition is very good in the city; in summer weather remains pleasant and in the winter season the weather remains cool and cold. The law and order situation in the city is not as good as one could think about. It is considered as a big stupidity if you are walking alone in street and parks at night time. From the tourist point of view it is better not to carry your belonging with you at night time.

Places of attraction

It has been seen that people likes to come to this city for various reasons . Some people come to the city for the reason of business. As we know that there is a lot of attraction in the city for the investors so they come here to have a view of the location of city. Moreover this is an old city you will find a lot of historical places in the city. You can also find the impact of colonial era in the city. The city remains under the colonial power of Spain so you can find the impact of that civilization.



There are two ways to come to the city. One is by road and second is come via airways. It is suggested that tourist from all over the world try to come via airways. It is the safest way to come to the city, to get cheap flights to Choloma is blessing for tourist. To get cheap flights to Choloma you need to go through the website of Flight Hub.

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