Colombo is heaven for tourist

Colombo is heaven for tourist

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Colombo is considered as one of the biggest city in the country for the tourist. It is considered as financial hub of the country. It is capital city of Srilanka. The weather condition is tropical in the city so it is nice to visit the city any time of the year. The political situation of the city is much improved since the eradication of Tamil tiger from the city. The peace and the calmness in the city make it more attractive for the tourist to visit and enjoy their time in the city.


Places of attraction in the city

There are a lot of places of attraction in the city, following are the list of places where you can go and spend quality time.

  • National museum of Colombo
  • National history museum
  • The Dutch museum
  • Galle Promenade
  • Zoological gardens
  • Art gallery
  • The sapumal foundation
  • Lionel Wendt Memorial art center
  • The pettah marke
  • Liberty plazaCo

The art center offers you creative and intellect experience of exhibition, stage events and shows. It is plus point that the visitors or the audience can buy the antiques, painting and local crafts from the art gallery. It is worth mentioning that tourist must visit Galle face green promenade at the time when sun is setting down, it will give and spectacular view to the audience. It tends to stretch between 13 acres of space. Children, men’s and families get attract to the scene and during the weekends people used to visit this place.

There are other attractions in the city as well. You can visit the local market and get the local handcrafts, local and traditional clothes, buy show piece for your home decoration. The food is tasty and fabulous in the city.



There have been many ways to enter in the city. Airways are the best and good idea to enter for tourist. Cheap flights to Colombo can make your trip more enjoyable. To get cheap flights to Colombo you need to go through the flighthub website. Hotels in Colombo are offering good services on affordable rates.

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