Gaya is one of the top cities in the state of Bihar and  a best destination for tourism. It is considered as ritual city for the Hindus and Buddhists. The people come here for the reason of Pind daan. Pind daan is the prayer that gives peace to the soul of a person. It is among the important cities of the state. The population of the city is 470839 and the literacy rate is about 85% in the city that is quite good. The political stability is the main reason of peaceful environment in the city.

Places of Attraction

  • Vishnupad temple
  • Brahmayoni
  • Pretshila
  • Ambedkar Market

Vishnupad temple2

The vishnupad temple is a historical place, it is a temple that is located on the hill and is surrounded by the hills. It was built by the princess Ahliyabai. It is considered as holiest place for the Hindu religion.  The temple was built in the 17th century and is center of attention for the people living in this part of the world.

There have been many shopping malls and market where you can find traditional products. The heritage and the local made products remain top choice for the people. They buy it for their peace of mind. There are a lot of local food items that you can taste and enjoy. Among those the sweets and the most liked item. The sweets of the city are tilkut, lai and enursa. You can easily find the shops that are selling these sweets. These sweets are exclusively available in this city. You can’t find the same taste in any other part of the world.


There are three ways that you can get in to the area. The air, road and rail are the three ways to transportation. The nearest airport is bodhgaya airport, in this airport many flights comes from the Buddhist countries like Thailand and Japan.  To get cheap flights to Gaya, it is important that you must select the service through flighthub official website. By checking the web, you can get the chance to get cheap flights to Gaya. The hotels in Gaya offer quality and affordable accommodation to tourist.

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