Heart Touching Attractive Locations on Planet

Heart Touching Attractive Locations on Planet

There are some unbelievable places on the planet earth which is had to believe really exist. Here are the world’s most exemplary unbelievable locations mentioned below:


Valley Gojal is a border area of Pakistan the near of China and Afghanistan. Gojal is on the border of China at the point of Khunjrab which is on the approximately 15.397 feet above sea level and remain covered with snow all the year. Cpursn is the area of Gojal which is located in the northwest region bordering Afghanistan directly from Wakhan.



The province of Thailand would be an ideal location for those who prefer the coastal areas. The scene of sunrise and sunset captivate the viewers. The suitable resorts facilities are also available for tourists.


Bora Bora Island:

This island of French Pennsylvania is declared as the world’s best location for photography.  The beautiful coastal of this island have been a haven for Scuba Divers. The blue water and rocks makes this island more attractive place.

Bora Bora Island


The people who are willing for adventure then the Central American country offers all kinds of natural scenes including volcanic ranges, high mountains, rain forests and coastal areas.



The Seychelles country is considered as marine paradise and comprises on 115 islands. Here’s impressive beaches, nature parks, tropical rain forests and numerous wildlife will welcome you. Although due to environmental changes it is expected to be drowned in the next 50 years.


Kiawah island:

Here the white beaches, colorful mountains, rain forests and other landscapes make it popular among tourists. Here’s beaches are considered the best for water sports.

Kiawah island


It is located near the Arctic Ocean and it is the largest and only populated island of Norway. The people here can enjoy the experience of snow-covered peaks and the world-famous polar lights.



It is decorated with different colors and located on the southern Aegean Sea, which has spectacular views of the sea from the hill. The houses are built in a way that will just roll over deep water. It is the largest island that is spanning in a round circle. The view of sun rise and set, proves unforgettable.



Bali is the Island of Indonesia and famous because of its traditional temples, lush paddy fields, mountains and beaches because of high ballasts eruptions. This is the ideal location for people who love historical sites and other places with the marine landscapes.


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