Huehuetenango is one of the main cities of Guatemala and it is located near the border of Mexico. After this main city Mexico land starts. As compare to the capital city, this city isn’t that big but it is consider as one of the big areas in the country which are famous for tourism. The political stability makes this city a progressive one as every party wants to deliver best to make the city more peaceful and develop. The weather condition remains pleasant in the city; in summer weather remains hot and during winter season weather remains cold and breezy. The total population of the city is 81000 according to the recent census.

Places of attraction

There are a lot of places where a person can go and visit. From tourist point of view, although it is not a big city but there are certain things that can surely attracts the attention of the tourist. The zacluea is one the top attraction for the tourist. It attracts the attention of foreign tourists. The city center of Huehuetenango also looks amazing. The ruins of the zaculeu is top attraction, these ruins are different from other Mayan sites. The stones and the material are there in the ruins what were present in way back in 1940. The football is one of the most liked games in the city and they support the local football club. The three famous football clubs are there in the city that divides the people on likeness of people.  



There are a lot of ways people can come to city. From the tourist point of view it is always better that they must follow the airways to come to any city. The airport is not that big in the city but for sure it connects the flights from all over the world. To get cheap flights to Huehuetenango it is suggested that you need to go through the website of FlightHub. This is the best and simple way to get cheap flights to Huehuetenango. The hotels in the Huehuetenango are offering quality services on affordable rates.

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