Kandahar is among the biggest cities of Afghanistan and best destination for tourist.  Kandahar is having population of five lac twelve thousand and two hundred people according to census of 2011. Due to the war situation in the country the city is not being able to emerge as top choice for the tourist to visit. The security situation is worst in the city and there is lack of peace and harmony in the city. For foreign tourist it is very dangerous place to be in and especially for people of west. The climatic condition of the city is hot and dry in the summer season and in winters you will find it cool and cold.

Places of attractions

There are many places where you can go and enjoy your time. Following is the list of places where you can go and have wonderful experience of afghan places.

  • Tomb of Ahmed Shah Durani
  • Kandahar parks
  • Kokaran park
  • Baba saab
  • Kandahar museum
  • Baghi Pul Park
  • Chilzina View
  • Shrine of the Cloak
  • Mosque of Hair of the prophet
  • Red Mosque
  • Mausoleum of baba wali
  • Many more…

Shrine of the Cloak

The tomb of Ahmad Shah is situated in the center of city. In the tomb of Ahmad shah you will find mausoleum, mausoleum “shrine of cloak”.  It is considered among the top and valued relics of Islamic world that is given by Emir of Bukhara to Ahmad Shah. After the control of Taliban’s Mullah Omer show this to all religious scholars and declared himself as new leader (ameer-ul-Momineen) of Afghans.

The recent government is giving importance to the city and spending amount on renovation and decoration of the city. They have built many new parks and stadium for the people of city.


There are three ways that you can enter the city of Kandahar. For tourist it is always better that you will come via airways. Cheap flights to Kandahar will make your trip more interesting, all you need is to get the cheap flights to Kandahar by getting through the official website of flightshub.


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