Magnificent Buildings on Planet inspired by Islamic architecture

Magnificent Buildings on Planet inspired by Islamic Architecture

Islamic architecture is unique, interesting and famous all over the world due to its elegant design and impressive calligraphic doors, excellent pilers. A large majority of people believe that the Islamic architecture is found only in renovation of mosques but there are several buildings in different countries of the world which reflect in the design of the islamic architecture.

Petronas Tower:

Located in Malaysia two towers are resemble two grand minarets. The design of these towers is developed of steel and with the help of various Islamic patterns.

Petronas Tower

Amaan Palace (Pergamon Museum):

The construction of Amaan Palace was started in the 8th century, but it was never completed. The complex design of the building is a symbol of Islamic Art. This castle wall was discovered during an excavation in 1840 and restored in 1932, named it the Pergamon Museum.

Amaan Palace (Pergamon Museum)

Qasr Amra:

This ancient building is located in Jordan. This building was built between 723 and 743. The roof of castle was in dome-shaped with sanctuary.  Its construction was inspired by the Islamic architecture.

Qasr Amra

Alhambra Palace:

The Palace is located in Granada, the area of Spain. The Palace was built in 1338 and designed the tower and arch inspired by Islamic architecture.

Alhambra Palace

Sebilj Fountain:

This attractive building is situated in Sarajevo, the area of Bosnia. The structure of this fountain is made of wood and the design of the dome is a reflection of Islamic Architecture.

Sebilj Fountain

Alhambra Apartments:

These apartments are located in the US state of California. The windows, porch and arch in building and design constructed in the Islamic Architecture.

Alhambra Apartments

Cathedral of Córdoba:

The attractive design mosque including inside walls and roof is a sample of Islamic Architecture.

Cathedral of Córdoba

Blue Doors:

The Blue Door is located in Morocco. Its stunning design is constructed with influence of Islamic architecture.

Blue Doors

Marin County Civic Center:

The building is located in the US state of California. The building, designed by Frank Lloyd. The building’s dome and minaret are built in Islamic architecture design.

Marin County Civic Center

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