Mejicanos is among the biggest cities of the country and is a best destination for tourist  .  This city is located in San Salvador. The total population of the city is about 164500 according to the recent census in the city. This place is about 600 meter above the sea level. The political scene of the city is peaceful. The government is taking right steps to develop the city to attractive cities for tourist. Every political party wants to develop the city for their own interest. The education rate is good and people are living standard life in this city. This city is facing criticism is that; it is not properly organized as compared to capital city.  The weather condition in the city is warm and hot. The weather remains hot and warm throughout the year in this city.

Places of attraction

There are a lot of places in the city that can make your journey more memorable and interesting. Here is the list of places where you can go and enjoy your time.


There is a lot of attraction for the Jews in the city. a lot of people are Spanish and Jews in the city. You can see the historical churches in the city and natural scenes of sun rise and sun set. The area is hilly and mountainous. You can do boating, surfing and other related activities on the beach to make your journey more memorable. All the above states locations are not that far away from the city. The maximum distance between these locations are about 6 Km from the city. People in the city are sports nut; they support their football team in the city that is playing top league football in the country.


You can get in to the city by road, and airways. From the tourist point of view, it is always better to come via airways. To get cheap flights tickets to Mejicanos you need to go through the website of FlightHub. They are offering cheap flights to Mejicanos to tourist.


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