Pakistan’s historic castles for Tourists

Pakistan’s historic castles for Tourists

There are numerous historical sites in Pakistan including remarkable amazing castles. These Castles were built during Sikandar-e-Azam, Mughals, Arabians and the British rule, but it still remains to some extent with its present.

Ramkot Fort:

This ancient fortress is located near Mangla Dam in Azad Kashmir. Access to the fort is possible by road and by boat. The rulers of Kashmir built several fortresses between 16 th and 17 th century, This fort is one of them.

Ramkot Fort

Throtchi Castle:

This fortress is located in Gulpur town of Kotli district in Azad Kashmir. The most popular castle was built in 1460.

Throtchi Castle

Baghsar Fort:

This fortress is located in the valley Samahni in the north of the village Bhimber near Baghsar point.The valley is located near the border with India. This fort was built by Mughal rulers with granite. This fort is popular because of its beautiful lake.

Baghsar Fort

Kalat Fort:

Kalat fort is also known by the name of Mere Castle. This beautiful castle is located in Kalat, Balochistan.

Kalat Fort

Mir Chakar’s Fort:

The fort is located on the outskirts of Quetta in Balochistan province. This fort has served caravans of camels  as traditionally residence. This fort was built by the tribal
chief Sohbat Khan in 15th Century.

Mir Chakar's Fort

Skardu Fort:

This fort is located in Skardu Baltistan area and called the king of the castles. This fort is located at the distance of half hours away from the monument chowk of main market Skardu. There is an ancient mosque in the fort.

Skardu Fort

Altit Fort:

This fort is 1100 Year old and one of the oldest monuments of Gilgit Baltistan. The fort is located in the altit town of beautiful Hunza Valley.

Altit Fort

Shigar Fort:

It is a rocky fortress and located in Shigar Baltistan. This fort was built by Raja of Shigar in 17th century. The fort has been turned into a museum and luxury hotel.

Shigar Fort

Bala Hissar:

This is a huge fortress is located in Peshawar KPK. This is one of the the old and most historical site of Pakistan.  From 1949, the castle is serving as the headquarters of the Frontier Corps.

Bala Hissar

Kohat Fort:

This fort was built the British government for military use. Today it is the headquarters of the Pakistan Army. The entrance of the fortress is based on a tunnel and it is the only way to enter in this fort. The fort is still in its original condition.

Kohat Fort

Rohtas Fort:

This fort is one of Pakistan’s most impressive monuments. This fortress built by King Sher Shah Suri between 1540 to 1547 AD. It is located in a small town Dena near to Jehlum River. There were twelve gates of the fort, and the 30 thousand of army officer were here. The walls are very big and strong.

Rohtas Fort

Red Fort Muzaffarabad:

This fortress is located in district Muzaffarabad of Kashmir around Neelum river. The Neelum River surrounded on three sides of the fort is highly unique design and structure.

Red Fort Muzaffarabad

Derawar Fort:

Derawar Fort Bahawalpur is located at the distance of 48 kilometers from Dera Nawab Shah. This fort is spread over large area and is still in excellent condition. Its walls are 30 meters high and it is can be seen from miles away in Cholistan. There are graves of Nawabs and their families in this fort.

Derawar Fort

Ranikot Fort:

This fort is also known as the wall of sindh. This fort is located in kirther town of Jamshoro Districit between the Lucky Mountain Ranges. This is the world’s largest fortress that spread on the area of 26 kilometers.

Ranikot Fort

Royal Fort Lahore:

This fort is locate in Lahore and the current structure of the fort was built by Mughal Emperor Akbar. This castle has 2 doors and spread over the area of 20 hectares.

Royal Fort Lahore

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