The World’s Most Fascinating and Charming National Parks

The World’s Most Fascinating and Charming National Parks

The National Parks are naturally beautiful and attractive. Many attractive sights of the world are declared as National Parks to protect the beauty of these places. Interesting thing is that the beauty of these parks make them more charming and amazing.

Cinque Terre:

This is the National Park of Italy. Here you can find Beautiful beach, amazing lofty peaks and small villages. The National Park will get you everything you want to see.

Cinque Terre

Los Roques Archipelago:

This National park is an island of Venezuela country that consist on 300 islands. Most of these islands are the world’s most beautiful islands.

Los Roques Archipelago


New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park has a beautiful natural sights, mountain peaks and glaciers that makes it popular all over the world. Visiting here will not be disappointed in any way.


Plitvice Lakes:

The Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park has the lakes of blue water and fascinating views including waterfalls.

Plitvice Lakes


This beautiful national park is also an island of Venezuela. Here you can see the world’s tallest waterfall, Angel Falls.



It is Africa’s most famous national park, which is known as Serengeti. The park is located in Tanzania and popular with reference of the migration of animals.



In this national park of Norway between the rocks you can see amazing lakes and waterfalls which are unforgettable. In addition, there are numerous beautiful natural landscapes.


Grand Canon:

This national park is located in United States and it is the most popular national park of America because of its captivating views.

Grand Canon


Canada’s Jasper National Park has the most beautiful and charming sights. Here the Rocky Mountains and the wildlife along the border of the park attract tourists.It is one of the world’s best places to visit.


Torres del Paine:

Chile’s National Park is dominated by the beautiful peaks are often shrouded in fog.  This National Park has the most beautiful and charming Landscapes which rarely appear at another location.

Torres del Paine


This National Park is popular all over the world due to its Sand Dunes unique color and attract many tourists.


Li River Park:

This is the China’s National Park is like a dream land where you can see an amazing world of alluring sights. The Li River is surrounded by highest peaks and a small village.

Li River Park

Coral Sea:

Australia’s Coral Sea is the world’s biggest living coral structure that can also be seen from space.

Coral Sea


This is the National Park of Tanzania, where tourists can see Africa’s highest mountains.  The wildlife in this national park dedicated to the world’s most amazing sights.


Los Glaciares:

This National Park of Argentina is covered with beautiful white snow and that is why it is called the Glacier National Park.

Los Glaciares

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