Unique Islands, You must visit in your lifetime

Unique Islands, You must visit in your lifetime

Tourists are familiar with the famous islands around the world, whose popularity is due to their beauty. Every time a crowd of people remains on these islands. There are also few attractive and unique island in the world, very few people know about these islands.

Flores Island:

This island is located on the coast of Portugal. There are beautiful wild flowers on the island. There are hot water springs and ponds. Many people believe that bathing in the this water is the best treatment of various diseases.

Flores Island

Los Roques island:

This attractive point contains more than 350 islands and located at the distance of 97 miles from the central cost of Venezuela. The white sand on the beaches of this island attract the tourists. The island has more than 200 species of fish in the oceans.

Los Roques island

Marshall Islands:

Located in Australia, a major reason for the popularity of the island among the world’s largest coral rocks. These rocks makes the island more beautiful and attract tourists. Most tourists come to the island just to see marine life.

Marshall Islands

Suleman Islands:

This location contains thousands of islands in the Atlantic Ocean and also known as Solomon Islands. The beauty of the place adds to the tourists in awe for a while. There are some unique lives in the ocean of Solomon Island that could not be found on other places.

Solomon Islands

Kootenay Island:

It is a very quiet and calm island that is located in Cambodia. The sea water is transparent enough to view the animals and plants of underwater. It features colorful marine life of the island and white sand to attract tourists.

Kootenay Island

Lord’s Hui Island:

This attractive island is located at the distance of 372 miles from Sydney. There are numerous types of marine life on the island. In addition, the beautiful hills and the sea rocks of this island captivate tourists to stay.

Lord's Hui Island

Fernando de noronha:

This region of 21 islands region is declared national park by Brazil. The unique features of these islands are dolphin’s stunt, sea turtles, and beautiful waterfalls. Interestingly, at this point only 420 tourists are allowed to travel at a time.

Fernando de noronha

Mackinac Island:

This island located between Iceland and Norway is known because of marine Parrots. On this point you can see only the sea and the greenery everywhere. The roofs of the houses located on the island are also prepared with grass.

Mackinac Island

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