Wonders Hidden Below the Surface of our Planet

Wonders Hidden Below the Surface of our Planet

Our land is full of mysterious secrets and wonders. It could not fully discovered yet. But parts of the earth that have been discovered so far are enough to amaze humans. Our planet has underground wonders that may shock the humans.

Crystal Ice Cave:

This cave is located in California. This is the only one under ground cave in the Lava Beds National Park of California. The biggest feature of this cave is bright snow found here which is molded into various beautiful forms.

Crystal Ice Cave

Crystal Cave:

This cave is also located in California in Sequoia National Park. This underground cave contained beautiful vast forest that makes it popular around the world.

Crystal Cave

Luray Caverns:

This cave is located in Virginia. This series of caves were discovered 150 years ago. The reason of fame of this cave is the inner beauty of the cave, which took thousands of years to create.

Luray Caverns

Puerto Princesa River:The river is located in Philippines. Beautiful view of the river takes one captivate. The river flow is 15 miles long.

Puerto Princesa River

Skocjan Caves:

These caves are located in Slovenia. A phenomenon that stretches for miles underground caves there is a whole series. Many tunnels and ponds are also found here. Their history dates back centuries.

Skocjan Caves

Fingal Cave:

It is an uninhabited island that is located on the ofScotland. Here is the cave called Fingal. This location is also home of beautiful birds puffin.

Fingal Cave

Blue Grotto:

This place is situated in Italy. This is one of the world’s outstanding places and underwater cave is located on theisland of Capri. The water is blue because light falling on it that is entered through a very small open part of cave.

Blue Grotto

Caverna Bellamar Cave:

This cave is located in Cuba. This is one of the oldest tourism location of Cuba. There are several ponds in this underground cave and a restaurant has also been built here for tourists.

Caverna Bellamar Cave

Grutas de Mira d’Aire Cave:

This underground cave is located in Portugal. This cave is famous and known for the pretty shape of its rocks. It took thousands of years to the decline in current shape. A restaurant is also available here for the ease of tourists.

Grutas de Mira

Grutas de Cacahuamilpa Caverns Cave:

This cave in Mexico is one of the world’s biggest cave. This underground cave includes a series of rivers. However, it has been transformed into an auditorium where various concerts are held.

Grutas de Cacahuamilpa Caverns Cave

Gruta de las Maravillas Cave:

This cave is located in Spain. There are several beautiful lakes and ancient in this underground cave.

Gruta de las Maravillas Cave

Chapada Diamantina Park:

This National Park is located in Brazil. There is a beautiful pool in the rocks of this park that contains deep blue water. Moreover, Here are several ancient trees.

Chapada Diamantina Park

Jeita Grotto Caves:

These Lebanon’s limestone caves are 6 miles long. This series of caves in Lebanon is a popular tourists destination.

Jeita Grotto Caves

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